The things that run through my mind.
Of the sun and the smell of grass,
Of the rain and the smell of wet sand,
Of beautiful stars and how they align themselves with our lives.
The little kid next door and his gleeful laughter,
The pop candy in my mouth and the childishness inside of me
The snuggle with my friends and the late night talks,
And in all this randomness I think of you.
The smile that dimples your face,
And that spark in your eyes,
And how it would be like, to be with you.


Artwork courtesy: Antony Kuruvilla Joseph




Lying under the stars

I wish all my wishes

And I dream all my dreams

All my sighs and smiles disappear into the skies

When I realize beyond that sky is where my next step lies!

Not Yet

I am not ready to get out.
I heard the voices.
The voices of cruelty
& the voices of spite.
The voices of fear
never allowing respite
The sound of hurt and
The ignored cries for help
The voices of judgment
& everyone’s misconceptions.
If these are the voices in this world,
I am not ready to get out.
Not yet!


Artwork by Antony.K.Joseph



It’s been a year since you left.

I see pity in their eyes,

hear the determination in their voice,

to make me forget

and to make you disappear.

The smile on my face like that of a doll

the words I speak mean nothing at all.

Yet attempts they make, which sway me not

for ever you exist in the deepest of my thoughts.


Your eyes, they are like the ocean

So beautiful, so vast

An innocent look they cast

The pull just as strong,

Leaving no chance to abscond

I know the danger that lies within

Yet, looking into them I’m slowly sinking

Time Travel

Take me back to that time

That time when all I could care about was what I wore,

& all I could bare then was a rift that would soar

That time when heartbreak was my greatest tragedy

& every day would feel like I won the lottery

I remember the way I felt then, just like a feather,

Reminiscing those days, that remain still like a tether.